Lilac Corp specializes in natural, broad-spectrum antiviral treatments.  “Broad-spectrum antiviral” means against many viruses.  Scientific research has shown that viruses can cause many diseases, including cancer, and heart disease.

The company specializes in treatments that are developed using an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program called Computer Intuition.  The AI program analyzes scientific papers.  The results help the developers select natural ingredients that produce the desired effect.  In some cases, the AI program analyzed more than 50,000 scientific papers during the development of a single formula.  

After completing the development, the company patents the new treatment and invites scientists to conduct clinical trials to test the safety and efficacy of the treatment. The trails follow FDA guidelines. The results of the clinical trials are reviewed by scientists and published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Currently, Lilac Corp is offering four products: 1. Gene-Eden-VIR (broad-spectrum antiviral), 2. Novirin (broad-spectrum antiviral), 3. Nolopecia (for stimulating hair growth), and 4. Noacnin (for stimulating skin renewal). 

Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are natural, broad spectrum antiviral treatments. 



Nolopecia was designed to stimulate hair growth.


Noacnin was designed to help the skin rejuvenate.


Many doctors prescribe the Lilac Corp products to their patients. See, for instance, the following four prescriptions for Gene-Eden-VIR (some information was blacked out to protect the privacy of the people involved).